Essay about Bullying and Ceiling Fan

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Bully Essay This story is about a boy named Nick who was bullied because of his stature. When I was in the fifth grade, I noticed a kid getting picked on for being short. Being short isn't a bad thing; it's just how you are. The kid was being called names like Shorty, Stumpy and Midget. The bullies would ask him questions such as how's the weather down there short squat? Then they'd tell him you're not short, your fun-sized and you don't have to worry about being hit by the ceiling fan. He was never mean to anyone in the class. He was belittled to boost the bullies self-confidence. Whenever he was bullied about his height, he would go home weeping and blubbering until he couldn't anymore. He tried so many remedies to make himself taller. He attempted to put salt in his shoes and even hang upside down with weights on his body. One day, when he was at school getting bullied, he tried to fight back his own with bullying. He called them names like "four eyes" and "the twin towers". It never helped. When he went home, he had the courage to tell his mom about the bullying incidents. At first his mom didn't believe him, but after he told her the names they were calling him, she was up in the Principal's office the very next morning. Once they were talking, the Principal, asked them who was bullying him. At first he did not want to disclose this information to her, but after talking with her, he gave her the names. I cannot reveal these names to you, the reader. I