Bullying and Emotional Wellbeing Essay

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Miss Miller

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A: Article: ‘Six unforgettable cyberbullying cases’
B: Journal: ‘Cyberbullying in Adolescent Victims: Perception and Coping’
C: Article: ‘Cyberbullying Research Summary’
D: Live form of Questionnaire
E: Questionnaire responses
F: Two permission slips for the two under 18 interviewees.
G: Interviews

Miss Miller


I would like to thank the following:

Miss Miller, for helping me, along the rest of the class with our IRP’s by providing us with the skills and resources to complete this task.

Interviewees A, B and C, for providing personal information which contributed to the hypothesis being proven.

The adolescents who answered the questionnaire, for helping me to receive more quantitative data.

My parents for providing me with support throughout stressful times.

My friends and fellow CAFS classmates for providing a form of support and helping each other to achieve the best possible result we can throughout this task.

Miss Miller


The intentions of this Independent Research Project is to research cyber bullying over a series of weeks in order prove the hypothesis “Cyberbullying negatively impacts on the emotional wellbeing of adolescents”. This topic was chosen due to cyberbullying being a very serious issue, especially in today’s modern society. It aims to allow individuals to get a better understanding of the negative impacts on the adolescent victims’ emotional wellbeing that cyberbullying causes. The expectations of this Independent Research Project are that through various methods of investigations, qualitative and quantitative data will be collected from both primary and secondary sources of data in the goal to prove the hypothesis. The content of emotional wellbeing relates to the ‘Core 1 - Resource Management’ syllabus under the bold heading ‘Fundamental concepts of resource management’, the italic heading under it ‘wellbeing’, the dot point underneath that ‘factors affecting wellbeing’ and then the first point ‘emotional’. The content of adolescents also relates to the ‘Core 3 – Families and Communities’ syllabus, under the heading ‘stages of the lifespan’ and the first dot point under that ‘adolescents’.

Miss Miller


Throughout this IRP, it has required lots of extensive research to provide results either proving or disapproving the research hypothesis. For the questionnaires the majority of the questions were closed questions, and two were open ended. The responses provided the IRP with lots of quantitative data from adolescents who had been cyber bullied.
For the interviews there were three individuals that were interviewed and are referred to as ‘Interviewee A’, ‘Interviewee B’ and ‘Interviewee C’. The majority of the questions used were open-ended questions except for one. This helped to collect more qualitative data in comparison to the questionnaires.
The sampling methods used for the questionnaires were cluster the sampling method. This was the easiest option and wasn't very time consuming. For the interviews convenience sampling was used. This was again the least time consuming.
The only ethical issues with the two sampling methods were that some