Bullying and Parents Essay

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Growing up is beautiful.
The first footstep which we had taken was our greatest match ever and the cheerleaders were our beloved parents. After that, choosing ice-cream flavors became the hardest decisions of our life. Then, came the interesting-most part: teen life, where every mistake was candy-delicious! Gradually, teen hood knocks on the door and our parents start missing the constant claims we used to make in our childhood about silly-small things; as like: demanding for chocolates as soon as our parents returned home!
However, for some reasons, nowadays our parents cannot expect more than just a ‘hey’ after we return from school or a friends’ get-together; whereas their dreams about us were something else. We start saying it’s our own life and we abide the right to live it the way we want; although our life hasn’t even began but we’ve dared to overlook the fact!
Through it all, we get the share of our own mistakes and happiness and finally grow up! But, in middle of all this normal acts something does stay for the sake of building experiences in our life and some as building dangers and spoiling the future. As a matter of fact – mostly teen hood is being the victim of such situations.
Unaware by the world, we, the children undergo different circumstances in our life. Every move of us tolerates a reason. Especially when we come to relish our teen stage, gears turn into a new phase. Other than physical changes, growing up does involve psychological enhancements as well. No wonder, that’s the reason why our parents wants us to get admitted to a good school where the environment is crystal-pure and perfect.
Even after that, gradually, we start making fake acts to bunk school. No, this isn’t bunking; maybe a vain-try to escape our melancholy days!
Dear teens admit it. We all have been bullied or gone through bullying once or more than that in our life. In this state, one could be the player or the victim but the case still remains the same.
Why do you think you were bullied? Maybe, you are different from them in just a case and they try to define the whole of you by that. Or, your physical or psychological appearances didn’t match with theirs and it seems to be quite a good reason for them to take the advantage of. Otherwise, they want to get your attention but in a negative manner. They might even bully you for meeting their needs, forcefully though.
Certain stages appear when we feel insecure inside of us; become uncertain of what we ought to do. Or, we try to fix things up by ourselves unaware of the depression-masks that remain over our faces. As a result, gears fall apart. Parents think, we’ve grown up and showcasing the distance between them and us. Unfortunately, none of us bothers to examine the inconvenient fact of the legal crime taking place globally!
As a result of this legal abuse, we grow up accepting the fake-humongous fact that, yes, we’re different. We lack confidence and become afraid to let the inner part of us shine. Why? Because previously, certain things were never in our favor. We