Essay about Bullying and People

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Luke Kessinger
Is Facebook Making You Mean? Is Facebook making you mean? Well some people might think that it is wonderful and some people think that it is harmful. Why I think that face book is wonderful is because people can talk to their friends and have a good time discussing something. How I think that it is harmful is that some people might post something that can never be removed and it will make the victim fell embarrassed. Overall I think that Facebook makes people mean. I think that when you are behind the screen you can be a real tough guy and do whatever you want and say whatever you want. When you are away from the screen you are more sensitive and not so insensitive. If people are having a bad day or if that person is a know it all then people might have the reaction to post mean comments on nice photos. They probably do not mean it but it is still disrespectful to the person and his family. People can post comments saying very inappropriate words which can trigger a bulling situation. The person that has the photo does not know that if it is a joke or if it is real so he might think that is a form of bullying. As you can see, Facebook gives people a chance to be insensitive to others, to react impulsively to others, and to bully others. Over all Facebook should have age appropriate actions and let parents set a safety lock Facebook and make sure that the child is not cruel to others. I think that people should think before what