Bullying and Scott Rogan English Essay

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Scott Rogan
English 11
Everyone agrees something should be done about bullying. Bullying in school emerged as a major concern a few years ago, and it’s an issue that still pops up everywhere. We often push aside the thought and site of someone being picked on, but we should actually do something to stop it. It wasn’t too long ago that bullying was considered just another inescapable part of growing up. Adults looked the other way or accused the victim for not being tough enough to take it. Most people think that some schools are not strict enough with their bullying policy and that too many kids are staying home from school just because of that reason, but now schools are starting to enforce their policy even more, but even if they do enforce it more the percent of kids being bullied in schools or on the internet continue to rise. We live in an age when consciousness has been raised about the humiliation one person can inflict on another. Bullying will always be around, that is if we don’t try to do anything about it. I conducted a survey and most kids said that when someone is being bullied in class the teacher hardly ever notices; this is now a major problem. We somehow have to get the teachers and administration to not just make the punishment of bullying more strict but to be more aware of what is going on around the school. People from the survey also said that they think that bullying is a major problem. Just about a decade or two ago bullying was surely still around and everyone knew it was going on in every school but many parents and teacher thought the solution to it was to toughen the kids up. Today that is not at all how bullying is looked at as doing to the kids. It is believed to put a lot of mental stress on someone and to do a lot of damage to ones social life. In recent