Bullying and Support Group Essay

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Emily Hernandez
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Junior research paper rough draft
Although many school administrators believe that they are not responsible for bullying and harassment between students, schools should adopt legislation to prohibit it to protect students from the dangers of it.
1. A. Bullying and harassment can be led back to school shootings and why they happened.
1. “In 1999, the Safe School Initiative examined 37 incidents of targeted school shootings and school attacks involving 41 attackers” (Ferrell-Smith).
2. It is said to be that attackers of school shootings turned to violence against the school and other students because they felt prosecuted, bullied, threated, and attacked by other students (Ferrell-Smith).
B. The stance that school administrations take can be grouped into 2 opinions.
1. Some feel that they cannot be held responsible for what happens between the students.
2. Others feel that they can help prevent bullying and harassment to keep their students safe. C. Many feel that students who lash out and attack schools do it because they are emotionally disturbed and has nothing to do with their past with being bullied or harassed.
2. To begin, bullying and harassment can be very dangerous to a victim’s sense of self-worth and their health. A. Bullying and harassment can cause health problems.
1. “Studies show that victims suffer from mental, behavioral and emotional health problems” (Reinberg48).
2. “Kids who are bullied often suffer from depression, low self-esteem and loneliness” (Ferrell-Smith).
B. Victims of bullying tend to lash out and start to act violently towards people around them.
1. “Bullied students are turning to violence as a solution, either through suicide or through deadly acts carried out against their prosecutors and other students” (Bullying Opposing).
2. “More than half of attackers involved in school attacks since 1974 had a history of feeling extremely depressed or desperate” (Ferrell-Smith).
Some would think that kids who tend to lash out just have bad tempers and trouble keeping their cool and not being violent.
3. To continue, not only can students be bullied and harassed in school, they can also be cyberbullied.
A. Cyberbullying is just as common as regular bullying but can pose the same threats to students.
1. A survey done by the U.S website stopbullying,gov in 2011 said that 16% of their students said they had been cyberbullied in the previous year (Maza).
2. According to Carney Bonner who runs a mentoring and support group, cyberbullying is a lot more common than what people might think it was (Boucet). B. Cyberbullying can be just as deadly as face to face bullying. 1. According to a July 2010 Archives of Suicide research, cyberbullying has gained more attention because of the recent suicide cases in 2010 (Bullying Laws). 2. ???? Counterclaim.
4. Finally, sexual harassment is another reason why states should adopt legislation to stop this from happening.
A. Sexually harassment can cause a strain on a student’s ability to perform well in school.
1. Rejecting a teacher’s sexually advancements can cause Quid Pro Quo, being unfairly graded, and denied equal access to other things students could easily get their hands on (McGowan39).
2. Being sexually