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Nick Petrocca
Section 019
Bullying Bosses Out of the three types of organizational justice/injustice, I believe work place bullying most closely resembles interactional justice. When talking about interactional justice, it’s the perceived degree to which one is treated with dignity and respect in the workplace. Overall it seemed like Kara’s boss didn’t treat her employees, especially Kara, with respect or fairness. And when someone is a bully, their victims feel like their being taken advantage of and are given no respect. In this case Kara’s boss was performing interactional injustice because she wasn’t treating
There are many factors that may contribute to someone being a workplace bully. An employee’s title or position of power could lead to someone being a workplace bully. Bullies tend to use their physical dominance over their victims and when an employee has more power than others they tend to abuse that that power on the perceived weaker employees. Also if there is an individual or group of employees that are new to the job or have different opinions than the rest, they can be targets of bullying. If one employee believes their coworker is a threat to them personally or to their position that could also contribute to someone being a workplace bullying. I believe that bullies are both a result of the situation that they are in and flawed personalities. If a manager is being pressed for something by top-level management in a short amount of time that could lead a…