Essay on Bullying: Bullying and Cement Factory Tower

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Andrew Yates

Juvenile Justice-41(sp15)
Professor Dixon
January 30, 2015
Suicide after Bullying I’m not sure why the administrators didn’t do anything about this bullying. I think maybe they could have thought that Phoebe wasn’t telling them the truth on her accusations. Or maybe they did not witness to this bullying. I think that Phoebe did not show the administrators any proof that she may have had. I do think that the lack of response is typical of school administrators. This may not be as typical as it used to be but I think that a lot of this still happens. The reason I think this is because there is still a lot of bullying in schools and I see it going unnoticed. Some of the administrators I think ignore these kids getting bullied because they have too many kids in a classroom. I think that student’s lives are made miserable on a very frequent basis. Like I said in the previous answer the fraction of students to teachers is too high so the teachers and admin can’t possibly see all the bullying that goes on at school. I think that these kids should be punished by having to take a class on bullying over and over for a year if there is such a class. Sentencing them to jail time I don’t think will solve anything, but they definitely need to be punished for what they have done to this girl and her family.
Cyber bullying On October 15, 2013 in Florida officials charged two girls ages 12 and 14 for taunting and bullying a 12 year old Rebecca. Rebecca committed suicide on September 9, 2015. She jumped from a cement factory tower. The officials made the arrest after one of the girls posted on Facebook that she had bullied Rebecca and didn’t care that she had died. According to ( Rebecca was “terrorized” buy more than just the two girls. There was reported at least 15 girls that who picked on her for months. Rebecca’s parents had moved her schools and the bullying still continued through online applications. Through my readings it says that the two girls were charged as juveniles with aggravated stalking and a third-degree felony. The judge in this case remanded the oldest girl into custody of juvenile authorities. The 12 year old was released into her parents’ custody because she showed remorse for the death of Rebecca and the other girl did not. The 14 year old was said to have been very cold and had no emotion at all. Both of these girls were at one time a friend to Rebecca. Both of the girl’s parents said that none of the accusations were true. They are ignoring the fact that the girl was being bullied. It was also said that the school stepped in to separate the girl’s schedules because of them fighting. They were not concerned with the bullying after Rebecca had changed schools though. Rebecca was still being bullied through the internet on sites such as, kick, Instagram, and voter. Rebecca’s mother