Bullying: Bullying and Facebook Pages Essay

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Bullying is a deliberate act to hurt someone physically, verbally or psychologically.
Bullying is an issue of power.
Bullying is when individuals or groups persistently over a period of time, behave in ways, which cause another person to feel hurt, physically or non-physically.
Verbal bullying - such as name calling or put downs,
Physical bullying - being punched
Social bullying – playing nasty jokes
Psychological bullying - you are given dirty looks
Cyber bullying - Using technology (texting, calling, Facebook pages, chatrooms)
Able to bully without the face-to-face confrontation
Bullies can be anyone because they can hide behind technology becoming anonymous. This makes finding the bully very difficult.
Cyber bullying is a major concern because technology is such a huge part of our lives. People find these things so serious the consequences can be as bad as suicide.

What are some strategies to deal with:
Bullying- Tell someone, walk away CONFLICT :
Is Normal
Occurs when people have opposing views on things and cannot appreciate the other person’s view.
Can be resolved or made worse by how we handle ourselves during it.
Often other people become involved in the conflict without needing to be.
Cyber Bullying- block them, delete account, tell someone
What are the effects of bullying on the victim and the bully?
Bully- power, may feel guilty
Victim- depression, feel alone
What is bystander?
Someone who witnesses the bullying but does not always report or tell anyone
How does a bystander contribute to bullying?
Sometimes when they don’t tell anyone of the bullying
What can a bystander do to help reduce bullying?
Tell someone and get help
Not treating people