Bullying: Bullying and Jantia Young Advanced Essay

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Jantia Young
Advanced Technology Academy
English 109\110
October 21, 2013

Bullying Bullying has been causing a lot of trepidation for a long period of time. Bullying is the use of force to intimidate and it can happen to anyone. People understand the pain because at least everyone has been a victimized by a bully and you may tempt you to say ''I don’t care". There's no excuse for you to say that when honesty you are feel hurt inside but you don’t want to show it. No one knows what goes through some children mind when they are bully.
In many cases bully's are not mean to that point it's the environment their homes and their parents that’s make them they way they are today. Many Bullies come from homes where the parents are uninvolved and some parents taught their children to use rage and violence to handle problems. Children are rise in such an climate and may not see their own verbal attacks and physical aggression as bullying.
One Cause Bully's want to be noticed by everyone they see so they try to show out in so many ways or even try to mess with other people. That's how some bully's get noticed and some of them think it's funny to bully other people and some of the bullies are popular in school and they want to show off in front of others. They want laugh talk about even teats
Therefore, Bullying can be cause by jealousy/revenge and that mean some bully's can dislike what a another person have what they don’t have in life so they try to do anything to bring your hopes down because they are not happy about their life story everything they want they cannot get just because.
Unfortunately, The reason why some people are bully because they are abused in their homes. Some of them are Mentally abused, Physically abused, Emocational abused and when the go thought all of the hurt and