Bullying: Bullying and Ms. Martin English Essay

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Taylor Larsen
Ms. Martin
English 11
13 January 2014

Bullying: A Rising Issue

For hundreds of years bullying has existed. However in the last decades bullying has skyrocketed and has become a major problem in our society because it destroys self-confidence at a young age, encourages kids that its cool to make fun of others, and results in thousands of suicides yearly. Something must be done for these kids that are permanently scarred and even mentally disabled from the constant harassment and beat downs of there peers. There are many ways in which we as a community and even a nation can help overcome the issue of bullying.
Bullying comes in many forms however the two most popular are physical abuse inflicted on a weaker individual from a group of adolescents and cyber bullying. Cyber bullying is when a individual is made fun of over any kind of social media or social network. Many schools are coming up with many solutions to help and destroy bullying before it even happens. Such as contacting parents to talk about how serious bullying can be to another person. Even the effects it has which can lead to suicide at some points. Teaching this to children at a young age will help develop how they interact with others and how to deal with feelings of anger and frustration to other peers or classmates. Not only that but it’s even more important that parents are role models for their children. So a child doesn’t learn bad habits and inappropriate ways of interacting with their