Bullying: Bullying and Self Esteem Essay

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Bullying As I lay in bed, mind wondering, thinking of all the things I have messed up and things I can’t take back. I try to hold them back but I don’t have the strength anymore; tears start to roll down my face and I start to feel worthless, helpless, unwanted, done, then making an impulsive decision, it all ended in a blink of an eye. Throughout the United States over fourteen percent of high school students have thought about committing suicide, and almost seven percent have attempted it because of being bullied.
Do you ever wonder what it’s like to be beaten up and torn up emotionally with everyone knowing, but nobody is willing to step up to the plate and stick up for you? Bullying is going on everyday throughout the middle school and ranging through high school. Amanda Todd, a fifteen year old girl from British Columbia, took her own life. Why? Because just like everyone else she made a couple of mistakes and people judged her for it. One day she was on a chat room and met a man that flattered her, said all the right things to make her think he liked her. To fill his wants and needs she flashed him as he asked, without her knowing he took a picture of her breasts. Couple months had passed, he then asked her to put on a show for him, but she refused. He then sent her breasts to everyone, and posted them on the internet. Once the picture got out she got tormented, lost all her friends, everyone hated her, she felt obligated to move to try and escape.
After switching schools things started to get better then they all of a sudden took a turn and returned to the way they were before. She turned to drugs and alcohol to cope, but it got too much for her to handle. But it wasn’t just cyber bullying, it had quickly turned into being physically bullied. A boy from her old school started talking to her again and she started to fall for him, he invited her over and they slept together. She got a text to go outside her school and when she did 15 girls were out there, he had a girlfriend, and after being hit over and over again she ran and hid in a ditch where her dad found her. She got home and drank bleach but it wasn’t enough to end her life like she wanted. The bullying still didn’t stop, the cutting, anxiety, and depression got worse, so she tried to over dose, still wasn’t enough.
Overwhelmed and exhausted from fighting this never ending battle she switched schools for the last time, but they didn’t seem to go up and get better. She finally told herself that she wasn’t going to be able to overcome the hatred of everyone else and she would never be good enough no matter how hard she tried. Before hanging herself she made a YouTube video on her story written on note cards and it went world wide “I have nobody, I need someone” She put on a note card crying for help. She then committed suicide. Not just her and her family were affected, people all around the world finally realized how serious bullying really is.
Amanda Todd is not the only teen that has committed suicide as a result of bullying. Bullying does not come in one form or another, but rather than a variety of forms some you may know and others you may not, such as: Cyber bullying, sexting, school shootings, work place bullying. Topics that are common in bullying include race, sexuality, weight, height, and facial features. It all starts with one word.
Cyber bullying is the most common type of bullying throughout the world. Nobody stops to take in consideration of their actions; instead they act out of impulse. Where does cyber bullying take place you may ask? Social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, kik, Tumblr, Vine, and the newest and most popular, ask.fm. According to Richard Webster, 1 in 3 teens have gone through cyber threats that occur online. He also stated that over 25 percent have been bullied continuously through texting or the social media, and of those kids over half do not tell anyone they are being cyber bullied. The newest social