Bullying: Bullying and Simple Solution Essay

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Dealing With a Local Issue

A big problem in today’s schools is bullying. It is not only a concern locally, but nationally. It can drastically affect kids of all ages, and even adults. Any person that is affected by another who is focusing on putting them down is considered a victim of bullying. I think that if people were more aware of their actions and how it can harm others bullying would be less of an issue. It can start from when people are very young, teasing others on the playground and stealing each other’s toys. Sadly, some kids are exposed to sour behavior from their parents at home, so they feel like it is not out of the norm to put other kids down. On the contrary, other kids are accustomed to being shyer and following what they are told, and they are just some of the kids that could be victims for bullying. Adults can experience negative put downs in the workplace. People who have grown up their whole lives feeling like they are superior to others are more likely to be the ones who enjoy feeling on top of others. You will probably meet a lot of bosses that act this way, and that is why they are your boss, to keep you in check with what you are supposed to be doing. Bullying can be a much more serious problem when it leads to major depression and in some cases suicide for children. Many kids can get to the point of feeling so desperate and targeted that the only way to get out is by taking their own lives. Cyberbullying has just made things worse,