Bullying: Bullying and Social Media Sites Essay

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English 3

Cyberbullying/Bullying Bullying has been taking many new turns as time goes by. Though bullying isn’t as much as cyberbullying, many kids have been a victim of this. Kids go to school to learn, but come home with misery and miserable thoughts instead of what they have learned in class. As days go by, more kids are taking their lives because of being traumatized by people at school. And as if bullying at school wasn’t enough, it follows them home as they interact on social media websites. Cyberbullying is pretty conjoint. And kids should speak up and get help before something depraved occurs. Cyberbullying is bullying that occurs over the internet. This includes social media sites, chatting online, texting, etc. some examples of cyberbullying are making fake profiles, and rumors spread through internet, spreading embarrassing pictures. Cyberbullying is different from bullying in person. Kids have a harsher time getting over bullying over the internet then being bullied in person. The bullies are anonymous and they send pictures and videos or posts to humiliate kids. Bullying occurs anytime. It happens 24/7 when the kid is alone. Deleting text, pictures, and other things that are a source of cyberbullying, are hard to remove. We all believe that electronic devices are fun and entertaining. People use them to call, text, play games and lots more. People go on social media sites to interact with family and friends, helping students with school, and entertainment. However, these things aren’t always so great. Even if this is going on over the internet, it’s still harassing an innocent child. Kids who are being bullied either over internet or in person most likely become drug addicts, start drinking, have really low self-esteem, starts skipping school, start having health issues, is failing classes and aren’t concentrating in class, and refuses to go to school. According to School Crime Supplement (National Center for Education Statistics and Bureau of Justice Statistics), between 2008 and 2009, 6% of kids in 6-12 grades were victims of bullying. According to Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance Survey, last year 16% of high school students in 9-12 grades experienced bullying last year. To prevent