Essay on Bullying: Bullying and Young Adults

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Bullying Amongst most teens and young adults, bullying is starting to become a national problem. I would say that it be a form of respect to get from peers. Peer pressure in high school is a way to be socially accepted. Young adults want to fit in with others, so they may act out of character for others just to seem “cool”. Teens and young adults bullied because of their lifestyle and they seem to be the easier targets. I understand being bullied in my teen years. It makes me feel like an outcast and I wanted to be on the popular kids’ side. Most bullies are insecure and self-conscious of themselves. In order to feel good about themselves they feel the need to make someone else day horrible. Bullies in my opinion are not happy with themselves. Treating others different because they fear you makes bullies seem inferior. Children from all ages being threatened at school or outside of school. Bullying has become an epidemic in America. The bullying is starting to a problem on social networks. This starts to become cyber bullying. Cyber bullying is a person or a group threatens or humiliates someone. Targeting a teen or young adult because of what they have done is bullying. Most bullies are out to humiliate others. I believe that bullying can try to be stopped if teens stand together and help one another. Administrators at school do not discipline bullies for their actions sometimes, and some students fear they will attack again. This epidemic has reached a level where teens are committing suicide because of humiliation from another teen. Cyber bullying happens repeatedly, and sometimes students decide to end their life of