bullying essay

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Erica Hornsby
Teaching Internship
October 16,2013
Bullying can be direct or indirect. An direct situation would be the bully confronting his/her victim face to face. On the other hand an indirect situation would be the bully attacking the victim social standing or reputation. Teachers have the ability to intervene when bullying is taking place inside their classroom. A teacher needs to inform the principle and councilor of this behavior and make sure that they see the situation through to make sure the bully is being punished for their unlawful choices. Teachers need to be aware of everything that goes on in the class and all the behaviors of their students. Teachers are the main factors of preventing bullying in their classrooms. How teachers can teach their students to stand up for themselves, is by instead of them going to the bullies level and fight them they could easily tell anybody that will listen. Teachers can also inform the victim parents if any bullying is reported. They can also tell their students that they can talk to them anytime and also to talk to parents about school and the problems that are occurring. On the positive side teachers can tell the students to join sports or clubs to get them active in their community and have the opportunity to find new friends and have a connection to them. Staying active in sports or clubs can make them focus on their priorities and not getting bullied. If it doesn’t help them make sure they know that there is someone here to talk. Teaching kids at a young age can keep them from ever becoming a bully or being part of bullying someone. Strategies that can be used to counter the bully is to show that you are not afraid and to seem not interested in what he/she has to say to bring you down. When the bully calls you names reflect back with a remark that shows no interest and seem smarter than this big lug head that is trying to bully you because you are being the bigger person and you know it. Another strategy that can be used is to walk away from the situation and tell a principle this will show the bully that you are not afraid and that you can be a more mature person then he or she will ever be. Having a group of friends with you at all times will keep the bully from pursuing you in any way. Friends are a big key in having your back and having them to tell if any injury happens when trying to back off and walk away from the bully.