Bullying: Judgment and 12 th Grade Essay

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“Bullying needs to stop”
Do you know that “right now, somewhere in the world there is a young boy or girl who has recently been held up to a brick wall, been punched in the stomach several times, had his or her lunch money taken off him or her and has been thrown into the dirt face first. How does this make you feel? Because this make me feel sick in the stomach
Bullying is something that happens all over the globe. Every minute and second of every day, there will be someone who is in need of help and assistance..." Bullying has become a global concern for most people who go to school, especially college students, and there are different ways to eliminate it starting with judgment, getting by standers as well as victims to speak up. The outcome can be serious like death, insanity, depression, shootings, and suicide. If these things aren’t sending the message that bullying needs to be stopped, than what will? It has taken these severe circumstances for America to finally take a stand on the issue of bullying and now I am.

According to Dr. Stephen S. Iliad, a psychologist at the University of Kansas who is not surprised at all by bullying on the college campus, he expresses that “…there are differences between getting bullied when you are in college compared to when you were younger and that is that those harmful words cut deeper than they ever did and you don’t get over it as easy as you would’ve.” Bullying is becoming an epidemic in our country, whether