Bullying Report Essay

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Bullying Report

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Hi everyone to day we will be talking about bulling. Some of you may say think and wonder what is bulling. Well when it comes to bulling it is defined as situations were one person or even a group of some individuals can at times use violent behavior to one another. When it comes to violence among children and young adults this can then be considered to be any type of physical or even psychological violent behavior that is at times aimed at the children and young adults”(Dracic 2009, P. 216). When it comes to bullying this can cause the victim to feel bad about them self’s and also can cause the victim to even have low self-esteem problems.
Some of the victims of bulling may even stop talking to their family members because they just want to be left alone. If these victims are being bullied all the time this can even lead to them having issues such as lifelong psychological issues. Bulling is about someone having the power to abuse another person. When it comes to an individual who is getting bullied this individual can feel threatened and may also feel unsafe. Bullying has become an issue that has come to effect over a million of students today in schools.
Now days not only are these students being bullied at school but they are also being bullied online. When students or individuals are always bullied and picked on this can lead to the person or child having thoughts about suicide or in some instances they can follow through with the thought and commit suicide. In some cases individuals that are being bullied will at times experience stages of depression, anxiety and even moments of sadness. They can also experience feelings of loneliness or obtain abnormal eating habits and sleep patterns. When these students are being bullied at school all the time this will make students want to start missing school as well as skip classes that the bully may be in or even drop out of school all together.
In some cases where students have been bullied as children they will continue being bullied as adults. When we think about bullying we sometimes ask ourselves why bullies bully. Well bullying often happen for reasons such as the individual or individuals who are bullying others have been bullied themselves at some point in life may it be at home or school or they may even be going through a hard time at home. In some cases those who are bullying others may do it because they feel that they are not getting the right amount of love they need from their family which in turn causes them to bully others because of the pain they are feeling. This can lead to bullies singling out those who are weaker them themselves.
When it comes to an individual who is being bullied there are many types of behaviors that we can look out for. Some of these type of bullying are verbal, physical and also cyber bullying. When it comes down to teachers, counselors and even school staff they can look out for all of these types of bullying behaviors to identify a bully. When it comes to the verbal bullying this is when there is name calling and also taunting. Physical bullying is the intent for the individual to hurt another child. This type of bullying consists of the bully using violence such as fighting, pushing and in some cases even throwing objects.
As adults we should look out for things such as pushing, shoving, spreading of rumors and keeping certain people out of a group. There are so many types of bullying that it is sometimes hard to tell which is which type of bullying. Bullying can also be seen through the use of electronic devices. This type of bullying is considered cyber bullying and this may occur when individuals are being bullied over the internet. Sometimes cyber bulling can also consist of bullies sending provocative emails as well as text messages to an individual.
Cyber bullying can also consist of things such as rude pictures being posted about an