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Tawana Gant REVISED
English 102
Professor Hennicke

Bullying: Why Cause Pain The issue of bullying is something that should be taken seriously, but it is something we often turn away from. However think about if you were in their shoes, the issue wouldn’t be a joke, but serious. Bullying is indeed a part of modern society. Bullying can cause psychological effects on people such as mental, physical, or both. For example suicide, suicides are becoming an end result for some people because of being a victim of bullying, and school as well as communities are trying to find ways to prevent or decrease bullying.... Bullying goes on everyday all around us; it is a major concern in today's society. Schools all around the world every year give out supportive help and consequences to those students and victims who are involved. However what difference does it make, as cyber-bullying is becoming easier for kids to bully 'undetected' with no trace of evidence. Instead of the physical violence, it is now emotional and mental, making it easier to be hidden. Bullying is reaching new heights every day. For example, I rode the bus to school a few years ago and someone would always knock books out off my hands when getting on the bus . The idea of bullying takes a lot on someone to intake and put up with. The children who do the bullying to the victim later ends up resorting to self-harm to themselves in other words if they are called fat, they may starve themselves. If they are called skinny, they then try to gain weight. Either way, they could hurt themselves physically by attempting to commit suicide to make do to "fit in" to close out the torture of not accepting themselves and being satisfied that’s why they bully others. As a community, we need to do something to stop bullying. For anyone, it all starts with standing up for what is right and knowing they can tell a trusted adult about the bullying situation. If anyone at all thinks 'it’s none of my business', that’s entirely wrong and to think again! Majority of society is open to the care of others and relies on someone to tell them if they’re in trouble. If no one knows about it, nothing can be done to stop it. Bullying can be prevented in our society, but it takes the effort of an entire community to do so. Adding on, bullying can result in mental complications, Psychological problems and suicide rates continue to increase often from being bullied. According to SPRC training institute the prevalence of suicidal ideation is higher in bullies than in persons not involved in the bullying behavior. In anyway, both the perpetrators and its victims are at the highest risk for suicide ideation and behavioral problems. Surely suicide attempts and suicidal behavior can be seen through many aspects. However, in bullying it is clear that it occurs from low self esteem and depression taking over. Statistically, it has been found that girls have more suicidal thoughts. It’s has been found that “a strong association between being bullied and depression and suicidal ideation in girls” by psychiatrist, (Van der wall) and colleagues (3). In contrast, “bullies and their victims are both at potential risk for suicidal behaviors in girls” by psychiatrist (Lukkonen) and colleagues (4). Further, among most girls, victimization at any frequency increased the risk of depression and suicidal ideation attempts. On the contrary, only frequent victimization increased the risk of depression and suicide in boys; although the infrequent victimization increased with an increased risk of suicide attempts. The victims of bullies consistently exhibit more problems; it is evident that from depressive symptoms show in the bully and the victim rather just one. It is also seen that they do have, high levels of suicide ideation and are more likely to attempt to