Bullying Research Paper

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Every day children suffer the devastating consequences which result from bullying not only in our schools but everywhere else. Bullying affects not only the children involved, but also has a negative impact on the entire environment. People have to live in fear, as they think that they will be the next victims of this horrific act.
People may not realize the consequences and the effect their words may have on people or how much it can impact their life. Your tongue is a lethal weapon which has the power to give life but also take it away. There are people who commit suicide every single day because they are bullied or constantly harassed. Bullying is not only shoving people or physical contact. It can also be verbal e.g. putting someone down by calling them “fat” can lower their self esteem. It may not seem like much, or seem in your eyes but it may be the reason someone decides to take their life because they cannot handle the constant harassment and criticism.
Bullying causes both short and long term damage. It affects their mental health they may feel ashamed of themselves and have constant fear also can lead to depression and suicide. It can also affect the education and how they are at school as they may have difficulty concentrating at school. In worse cases it can affect not only how they are at school but also outside school their personal life. They may start to take alcohol and drugs also gang involvement and crime. Bullying is a serious problem that cannot be ignored. Statistics show that; when asked about the major issues affecting the youth today, more 8-15 year olds picked bullying than those who picked, alcohol and racism. Also Victims of bullying are 5 times more likely to be depressed than their non-victimized peers , Bullied boys are 4 times more likely to be suicidal and bullied girls are 8 times more likely to be suicidal than those who have not been affected by bullying.
Some of the short term effects of bullying are anxiety, anger, and depression, significant drop from school efforts and performance and physical illness. Long term effects are feeling insecure and lack of trust.
The effects of bullying could be different for the different people. For some, it makes them want to be swallowed by the earth. For others, they just don’t want to go to classes or work anymore. Getting sick almost every day is what others feel. Sadly, for some teens, the only way out is suicide. We