Essay on Bullying: Suffering and Example Samantha

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Stop Bullying

Have you been diagnosed with one of the worst diseases in the U.S? The people diagnosed with this disease are considered “bullies”. Children all around the U.S suffer from bullies. Bullying should be made illegal in all 50 states, because it promotes violence, hurts people in more than one way, and eventually leads to suicide/school shootings. Bullying is also one of parent’s biggest worries at their child’s school

The first reason bullying should be made illegal in all 50 states is because it promotes violence. According to national anti-bullying agencies over two million children are bullied a year Nationwide. Also according to these agencies 50% of these kids become more violent in the years that follow after being victims. After the horrible experience many children/teens seek revenge. This leads to many school shootings. If bullying was made illegal than the amount of violence would dramatically decrease all around schools in the United States.

Bullying should also be made illegal because it hurts people in more than one way. Many people suffer emotional and physical pain every day because of bullies. For example Samantha Show is a first grader who was teased and made fun of daily. She couldn’t stand the pain any longer so she got surgery to get her ears pinned back. According to CDC News one out of every ten high schools and college student drop outs is caused by all the mental and physical pain these kids go through because of bullying. Most of these children/teens/adults could suffer these types of pain for as long as a lifetime! The last but definitely not least important reason bullying should be made illegal is because it is one of the leading causes of school shootings and suicide. This is a true fact from Also this