Bullying: Verbal Abuse and Bullying Essay

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At some point or another everyone has either been a bully or known one. Bullying is much more serious now in 2012 than it was ten to fifteen years ago. It is when someone constantly acts or says negative things to have power over another person; some behavior may include name calling, written or verbal abuse, being excluded from activities or social groups. Some people think that bullying is natural and it's a part of growing up. The act of bullying and the harm it cause has been given little consideration.

Growing up as a child I wasn’t a bully but I was bullied, because of my skin color my ethnicity is black, white, and Indian from what I know. But because of my chinky eyes I was always called Chinese or white girl or mutt which always hurt my feelings because I had trouble with my identity. I was told by my parents that the children were cruel and jealous because I was pretty. I ended up gaining confidence and defending myself. The same people that picked on me were the same ones later wanting to date me or be my best friend. But this isn’t always the case when it comes to bullying and this behavior isn’t new, children dealt with this for generations now it's just more serious.

The cause of bullying can be a lack of attention children get at home so they act out by getting any type of attention from anywhere. Some kids may repeat what they see done at home they may encounter a parent or sibling being or getting bullied. And of course social media, television, music,