Bullying: A Growing Epidemic Essay

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Bullying: A Growing Epidemic
Julius Lumpkins
April Adams
Bullying: A Growing Epidemic
Every day, someone, somewhere is being bullied or harassed. With each occurrence the victim is usually tortured or demoralized and loses their sense of hope. When this take place the victim may or may not seek out help or isn’t aware that help is available. Without support, some victims may feel helpless and eventually will seek out a solution to their problem. Sometimes the fear a bully impacts on a person can leave a permanent scar on their character and can possibly lead to suicide, psychiatric rehabilitation, or an act of violence on their behalf. The best way to prevent bullying is to spread awareness programs and to help those immediately with their problem and quickly find a solution.
Bullying represents a chronic abuse of power where the oppressor uses physical, verbal, social, or emotional aggression to intentionally and repeatedly hurt another person. Approximately 1 of every
10 students are bullied in the United States (Nansel et al., 2001). When you think of bullying instantly you may think of school, but bullying does not just only affect children. Adults too are just as vulnerable and can become victims to bullying and can occur anywhere at any given time or moment. Bullying can occur at school, work, and even at home. From personal viewing I’ve notice a similar resemblance to animals, dogs for example, and how they attack the weak to show dominance. Many victims ignore and endure the abuse with hopes that it may go away.
The glorification of bullying behavior in the adult population is so endemic within the media, the business culture and the governance of public administration that our preoccupation with bullying among children is almost incomprehensible (Nunn, K. 2010). These influences only help encourage bullying and does not help stop the problem at its source. Children, who are most subject to these influences, often act on what they see or endure. Without proper guidance and instruction, it is possible that children are sometimes incapable of determining if their actions are right or wrong. For example a child who is abused at home, from a father who is often attacked by his coworkers, may use that same behavior to act on another child turning him/her into a bully as well and not being aware or the thought to care that their actions are wrong. In an endless cycle the bullying spreads and can either stop with the victim or continue to another person.
The impact bullying has on a person can or may lead to a fatal incident or just a possible psychotic break. In some cases, victims may not act aggressively but may need therapeutic help to cope with the abuse they have endured. However, over the years we have seen or heard of suicides and mass shootings due to a person being