Bumper Stickers

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All hail the bumper stickers. The ever deciding tidbits of information resonate with the guy sitting in the car over; they make him reevaluate his life decisions. Bumper stickers come in all kinds: political, my-child-has-straight-A’s, and environmental. All things that I want to see on my drive home. In any presidential race, everywhere I look I see their names plastered onto the back of Mom-mobiles everywhere. How am I supposed to choose just one president if the world tells me every turn I take to choose a different one? This is why I propose that we instead make these bumper stickers life size and put them on the walls of our school. The school automatically posts any important information to none other than our lunchroom wall. It is the perfect communication tactic to reach everyone in a short period of …show more content…
The amount of work it takes to put a bumper sticker on a car is bare to none. It is that easy to fully express how someone feels. With the average bumper sticker’s size of 3x11.5 it doesn’t take size to really get the point across (Nicholson). With this little effort, it is basically like every time someone sees the car, the driver might as well be in their face holding up the bumper sticker. No words exchanged. No actions happened. Just a stare and a bumper sticker in the viewer's face that says it all. In school, there are some very basic clubs that someone can join.These basic clubs include NHS and Vocal Velocity; clubs that need some form of effort to remain in the club. Then there are the give-me-college-credit clubs. These clubs are the ones that everyone likes to say they are in but have to give no effort to remain in them. These low effort clubs are the best kind because who wants to put in the basic effort to do something. It can be shoved in someone's face that they were in this club without having to do