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“Uprising or Downfall”
Thesis: Even though the uprising was a contribution to a new era of social activism, the uprising was a failure because no rights or freedoms were gained and the leaders and protestors were killed or sent to prison at the hands of their own government.
I. Introduction A. Genocide or Massacre 1. Definitions 2.Classify B. The Uprising 1. Nu Win- Sein Lwin (whos) 2. March ’88- August ’88 (when) 3. Rangoon (where) II. Why atrocity escalated A. Student Dissension 1. Government Policies 2. Economic issues B. Opposition socialism III. Resolution A. Government stronghold 1. Burma today 2. Government stance B. Government restrictions IV. Affect of Atrocity A. Within the country B. With other countries 1. Interaction/trade 2. Sanctions V. Cause of Uprising A. Government rise to power B. Use of power VI. Conclusion A. Memorial B. Symbols