Burned by Ellen Hopkins Essay

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Suspense, romance, and mystery all three tied into one book. “Burned” by Ellen Hopkins is such and intriguing book that you will not be able to put down. The book is about Pattyn, a 17 year old Mormon girl who is going through a confusing time and starts to rebel because she feels that no one understands her. Through out the book Pattyn is determined to find herself and weather there is more to life than a religion you were born into. This novel is unlike any other that I have read. First off, the style it was written in was so creative, it was written in stanzas per page like a poem and that would make it easier to read other times the words would make a shape that sometimes would go with the meaning of that particular text. Second of all, this book was so vivid the way the author describes some of the scenes you latterly feel like you are going through this adventure with Pattyn. Overall, I enjoyed this novel so much because it kept me entertained there was not one boring part of this book. I was always shocked at how Ellen Hopkins could take one scene and completely throw the reader off and twist the whole plot, this always kept me in suspense, and complete shock.

Pattyn Scarlet Von Stratten feels trapped within her Mormon family. With an abusive alcoholic father, a mother who can't stop having baby's, and controversial religious views, she has had enough. She starts dating a boy, who isn't Mormon. All is good, until her father finds out through some friends. Her