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In my own opinion after reading the two articles I felt that it was unfair of the French Senate to approve those laws. I believe that discriminating how a person displays their faith, if it’s not in harm’s way of other people, is not necessary. However, I do agree that if the act was set based on the fact of safety reasons and precautions based on identity reasons then I would understand. If Muslim was my religion and I lived in France I would feel like I lost my freedom. Although I would abide by the rules that the senate placed I still would say that banning someone’s right to practice their religion is unlawful. Every person should be allowed to have their own thoughts and values and appreciate their religion. There are people out there that are so heavily religious, and I’m sure that is the same way for Muslim’s. I can only imagine how many people went to jail for going against the law and abiding what they believed was “religiously right.” When it comes to someone’s faith some people would die for it, and not give up on what they believe is right. I feel that in the world we live in now with how much freedom everyone claims we supposedly have that they should be able to carry on freely.
For my four questions I wanted their opinion based on if they actually lived in France or if it was their religion. I wanted them to have an in-depth answer and actually view it as if it was them. Thus leading to my four questions being: If the Muslims had a more influencing role on France do you believe that they would allow such a law to pass? Why do you believe they let this law pass? How would you feel if your religion was Muslim they placed this law? And lastly would you go against this law if it was your religion?
My first classmate that I interviewed was Jackie. Her answers to my questions were; I believe that the Muslims population was overgrowing in French society and they wanted to stop because they feared of losing their French culture. She said that she believes they passed this law because of safety and they didn’t want them to overpopulate. When I asked her how she felt if her religion was Muslims she said, “I would feel like I didn’t have rights and freedom because it’s my culture and religion that I want to practice.” And lastly when I asked her if she would go against this law if it was her religion she said yes and that she would stand up for whom she is. My opinion on her answers actually changed my view somewhat on why they placed the law. Although I believe that it shouldn’t of been instated I am able to shed some light on why they did. I agree that the Muslim population was overgrowing and the French feared that they would begin to overpopulate and take over France.
For my second Interview my classmate was Love. For the first question I asked, if there were more French people that had the Muslim religion – if they law would have been passed. Love answered and said no, I don’t think they would because it would have been part of their religion and community. I then asked her why she believed that the Senate created this law and she said, “I think he passed this law because they felt like more people were wearing it and it wasn’t for the right reasons instead of religious reasons.” So basically they were wearing the veils to hide their identity not to appreciate and show their faith. I then asked her if this was her religion how would she feel when this law was passed, and Love answered saying, “I would feel disrespected – they shouldn’t change something if it’s a big part of someone’s religion.” Which I also agree will that statement as well, I feel that they shouldn’t of been able to have a right to do it. My last question that I asked Love was if she would go against the law and she stated, “Yes I would go to jail and support it.” In my opinion, Love was supporting the “extremist” side of the argument. As she stated in her last question that she would go to jail, it just goes to show that there are people