Burridge Unbound Essay

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Burridge Unbound
Chapter 16
Plot progression:
Bill attends a fancy lunch, with excessive amounts of food, drink and smiling…
This shows the ___________ that still resides in Santa Irene despite all that Suli has “apparently” done (170).
“There are photos and toasts and phony smiles, and through it all the veneer of my courtesy becomes more brittle” (170-71).
Bill storms out of the Truth Commission, due to the lack of ________________________ ___________ (171).
“I want to see your president today, or else I’m going home” (175).
Joanne has Bill play __________ with her to distract himself from his anger towards the Truth Commission (179).
“Dennis never played cribbage with us in the evenings. So he thought about all the crap too much” (179).
Bill meets with Suli for the first time at the _________________, where they talk about the commission’s course of action (182).
Character development:
At the beginning of the chapter, Bill is angry, fed up, and prepared to walk out of the Truth Commission.
“I don’t have much time to waste” (170).
Why is Bill ready to walk out?

At the end of the chapter, Bill starts to seem more “human”, recognizing his mistakes and showing embarrassment towards them
“My own embarrassment to flush through my face and up my scalp” (184).
What does Bill learn that suddenly makes him so embarrassed?

Bill feels guilty for validating the excessiveness of the performance at the _____________________________________ with his presence.
“I feel oddly complicit” (174).
Bill isn’t affected by the smell of cigarettes (181).

Minister Tjodja
He is a ___________________ whom Bill has already stated his distaste for. He was around when Minitzh ran Santa Irene… Why is he still here?
Makes excuses for problems, “but please have patience with us. We are just a backward country” (171).

Suli Nylioko
Suli gets very personal with Bill and opens up to him without hesitation.
“A strange and sudden intimacy. She has opened up completely, without any apparent hesitation, in a way that seems natural and effortless and stunningly human” (187).
Bill states that, “My mind feels webbed by her soft voice” (189). She uses her