Bus 210 Week 9 Final Paper

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Is the use of technologies, such as “cookies”, strategic to marketing goods and services online?

It is a fact that internet cookies are a vital tool for online businesses to market their products and services. According to the textbook, "cookies are small file deposited on a user's computer hard drive." Cookies hold a modest amount of data that is unique to a particular client and website. It tracks and stores the websites that the customer has visited. Cookies do not usually contain personal information or anything dangerous; they are innocuous and useful. Notably, when a consumer browses the internet, the web server wants to know who you are, do you want things that need logging in or putting items into a virtual shopping cart. It is clear that the goal of the website is to
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For example, "if you purchased clothes, shoes, or books at Amazon.com and you used the same browser at a later date. The website would have your account name as well as the recommended items of interests that you acquired" (Laudon & Laudon, 2014). It is important to realize that cookies are amazing to an organization because it gives them insight into how the visitor found their company. In a firm's marketing plan, they use a lead tracker to see how their customers found their site. For one thing, was it an organic search or did another website referred them? Either way, businesses can see how customers found their places, and then they can put all their attention towards expanding the brand through marketing techniques. As I mentioned earlier, cookies are also great because the company can see how many times a client visited the website coupled with how many pages viewed. It is significant information