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1.0 Introduction
The Coca-Cola Company, which is an American multinational beverage corporation, it is also a manufacturer and retailer, sales of nonalcoholic beverage concentrates and syrups as well, their headquarter is located in Atlanta, Georgia. In addition to its namesake Coca-Cola drinks, Coca-Cola currently provides more than 500 brands over 200 countries or regions.

Beat as one of Coca-Cola’s various products, which is a citrus-flavored soda for Mexican version of Mello Yello and it released in Mexico in 2002, in order to response to the Mountain Dew by Pepsi in Mexico. However, it was discontinued in 2005 but re-launched in South Africa in 2009.

In terms of comprehend the strategy management’s process and the operations of similar product or service, this report will use Beat as case study, what’s more, the activities will consist of 7 steps, which including industry analysis, internal analysis, generic strategies, objectives, means and methods, global factors and current issues through various academic journal, textbooks and other professional methods. Finally, the report will give out the conclusion based on overall analysis.

2.0 Industry Analysis
Sodas, which is one of the soft drinks or called soft, it usually do not contain alcohol and generally made on carbonated water or add other flavors and sweeteners, fruits juices or caffeine as well. Moreover, the most popular sodas that was starting with Coca-Cola Classic, Pepsi-Cola, Diet Coke, Mountain Dew and Diet Pepsi. All of them are suitable for modern people, based on the popular of the sodas, so that market share also has changed because of multiple competitors.

Sodas first appeared in the early 20th century, popular in American and European regions, it mostly due to continuous development and popularization of Coca-Cola, which spread all over the world. Sodas market grew steadily over the past two decades, it was developing various sorts of different flavors based on non-alcohol. Because of Coca-Cola’s huge market share in the United States, North America became the world’s largest sodas market, meanwhile, the UK and other European regions occupy a great share. However, sodas consumption has declined over the past few years (Kerin & Peterson, 2004).

Along with the development of globalization, the sodas market has been expanding, especially in Asia and Africa. According to Keynote (2010), more international companies choose to develop the potential market in South Africa, Coca-Cola also imported other kinds products into South Africa, nearly 5.3% of people who are in middle class and pursues life quality that prefer the sodas in a wide range of beverage products. At present South African market, Coca-Cola offers Beats and Mello Yello while Pepsi provides largest carbonated citrus drink called Mountain Dew (Kerin & Peterson, 2004), customer can buy those products through supermarkets and all kinds’ dime stores.

However, the three brands occupy 90% market share in South Africa. Due to the effect of apartheid, the market is relatively closed so that the local people seldom choose new brand, it also makes the brand's market share is stable, but the competition between Coca-Cola and Pepsi is intense.

3.0 Internal Analysis
Coca-Cola as the largest beverage company in the world, with its strong competition and good brand image gets a higher market share. With the development of the company, Coca-Cola has formed a complete research and development team and sales channels. However, Coca-Cola’s main and long-term rival is Pepsi, Coca-Cola is prevail in global beverage market. But in Quebec, Canada, India and Midwest of China, Pepsi sales were higher than Coca-Cola that is few areas they can beat Coca-Cola. Besides Pepsi, the Dr. Pepper/Seven-Up also is the competitor for Coca-Cola in a few regions.

In addiction, Coca-Cola's unique beverage ingredient that is the key to success, but sodas is different from the traditional cola, so Coca-Cola relying on sales…