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Keys to a Successful HRM Team Today
BUS303: Human Resources Management (BNM1441C)
Instructor: Simon Ramos Lozada

Human Resources Management (HRM) is ever-changing, executives, managers and HR staff administrators need to meet these changes head-on. Some of the changes include new social needs in recruiting, workplace diversity, continued training and staying competitive in compensation and benefits. These topics while they just scratch the surface of the issues HRM face daily are some of the most important concerns to maintaining a healthy work environment. Knowing how to anticipate these requirements and set policies and procedures that address these concerns is paramount for any HRM team.

What is Human Resources Management (HRM)? Human Resources Management involves the job of hiring the right talent for the organization. Then giving this talent the training needed to do the job and reward them for the job they perform. Then find ways to entice and retain them as a valuable member of the team. HRM is much more than just a clerical function of the group; as it plays a tactical part to the over-all success and failures of the company. (Dias, 2014)
It starts With Recruiting Author Carol Youssef, states “Without their (employees) knowledge, skills and talents, an organization will not be able to operate or compete effectively in the market.” (Youssef, 2012, p. 4 Section 4.1) The most important facet of the HR dept is finding the right talent and developing that talent and compensating and retaining talent within an organization. It starts with recruiting, as Carol Youssef maintains attracting and recruiting new hires is the primary concern of the employer, and this time-consuming effort shows how people are the most valuable asset to any organization. (Youssef, 2012) Statistics shows two-thirds of online adults are on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, about 14.4 million people access social media to gain employment in 2011. The average online user is connectioned 634 socially in their network. (Sundberg, 2014) Tapping into the social media audience when recruiting new talent the statitics show that if you fail to take advanatge of these outlets your missing out on the best way to finding the right fit for your company.

Staffing an Organization An organization needs people to complete tasks and accomplish goals. That said only re-emphazies the importance of HRM when it comes to staffing. Staffing ranges from job posting to salary negotiating to termanation. The first step in staffing is to esatblish a plan, determine how many new hires are required based on profit expectations of the job. (Dias, 2014)

Human Resources planning involves having the right numbers in the selection process beginning with marketing a job opportunity via the Internet, newspaper, magazine, Television or Social media. (Youssef, 2012) In addition, new hires can be found through staffing agencies or headhunters, the bigger the range in which to choose, the more adapt in finding the right person for the job.
Selection process In the new hire selection process “Getting it right” is the most important factor, the wrong choice is costly and affects the organization and its customers. It can cause a ripple affect to the quality of the products produced for the consumer. It can reflect negativilty on the person that holds responiblity for the selction and in some dire cases bring litigation, or tarnishment of an organization as a whole can be the result. (Youssef, 2012) The right choice can have a positive affect on a company reaching established goals and aid in financial gains. (Youssef, 2012) Part of ensuring the selection meets expectations businesses employ a series of techniques. These can start with Pre-employment Inquires, such a general information to indentify, classifiy and maintain a record keeping. (Lindner, N.D)

Some organization prefers testing to