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Dear Intern or Prospective Intern:
In general, for your internship credits you will need to do these things (besides working at least 150 hrs. during the term you register for it):

To register for BUS/FIN/MKT/BIA/ENT 366: 1. Provide a complete list of tasks, duties, and responsibilities (a job description) that you will be performing to Dr. Wells (BUS 366, MKT 366). She will evaluate your internship for credit in consultation with dept. chairs and directors, and approve it or make other recommendations.

2. If you are approved, you must register for BUS/FIN/MKT 366 by getting a purple override form stamped with Dr. Wells’ signature stamp on the Instructor Consent line. Carry it to the Registrar and add the class.

To satisfy the course requirements: 1. Attend the orientation (first day of classes), midterm day, and synthesis session. Dates are on the course syllabus. For summer, there is no orientation on the first day and no midterm meeting, since many interns work out of town. We keep in touch by email during the summer. 2. Have your supervisor sign off on the GREEN agreement form. 3. Keep a journal in which you log your hours. (CORAL colored how-to handout) 4. Have your performance evaluated by your supervisor halfway through the term. (YELLOW form) 5. Write a 5 to10 page summary paper of your experience. (GRAY how-to handout) 6. Attend the synthesis session at the end of the term or end of summer.

The forms described