Bus/475 Final Strategic Plan Week 5 Essay

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Final Strategic Plan and Presentation
Amy Paul
BUS/475 Individual Paper Week 5
Dallas Walton

Final Strategic Plan and Presentation

To start my strategic plan I would have to figure out my summary of my initial considerations for the business intended called Amy’s Flower Shop before its opening. Here are some initial strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats, and of course trends. Then one must find their vision mission, know their values, SWOTT analysis, and balanced scorecards and have a good communication plan in place before starting a business.

Summary of Initial SWOTT Analysis Considerations for the Business Strength | Providing healthy and fresh flowers with a big variety of flowers which can
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Shareholder Value or Financial Perspective: | Market Share Making sure to invest well to have revenues to keep the business flowing well and to pay for rent and other costs, product costs, and keep the shareholders and employees happy. | Revenues and Cost Keeping within the overhead allowed, while offering good cost for the type of flower or arrangement then one or two other competitors in the area | Profitability Start out with forecasting at least for the first year at a 40% and moving forward to a 50% rate of sales per year for the outlook within 5 years’ time. | Competitive Position The store will have competition when it comes to other flower shops in the area when it comes to what flowers are offered and pricing but the goal is to offer a wide variety as well as color choices in the flowers with competitively better prices and value. | | Customer Value Perspective: | Customer Retention or turnover: 1. Utilize better implementation. Project managers are of course the key to the businesses success. If you don't have a project manager for each new customer, consider hiring someone dedicated to this function. It is the key to all new launches. Statistics I've seen indicate that projects with a program or project manager (implementation manager) are 70% | Successful where