Bus 644 Operations Management Final Essay

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Improving Stickley Furniture

BUS 644 Operations Management

Stickley Furniture has a long tradition of manufacturing and selling fine furniture goods. The Consulting Firm has been charged with the responsibility of evaluating and explaining how the company operates and tracks jobs and inventory. Also, the pros and cons of how orders are processed are evaluated. Finally, suggestions are made regarding the way the company should handle forecasting, inventory, work measurement, facility layout, shipping, quality, goals, and recognition. A full change in operations could result in greater customer satisfaction, reduced electricity usage, greater customer satisfaction, faster and less costly delivery of goods sold, less
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The jobs are accompanied by a bar code which identifies the particular job. As each piece of the job moves through production and is completed the bar code is removed and given to the scheduling office so it can be scanned. Once scanned the production team exactly where each piece is located. At the end of each day there is a certain amount of unfinished items in the white inventory section, and likewise there is a certain amount of items that have been oiled (or finished another way) which are placed in the finished goods inventory. Those warehouse sections, the white inventory and the finished goods inventory, are packet full of furniture ready to be shipped to retail locations or customers
Plan, Schedule, and Process an Order
If the company received an order for 40 mission oak dining room sets they would need various information to plan, schedule, so they could process the job. The managers will first need to determine how many mission oak dining room sets are available, both fully assembled as well partially assembled in the finished goods and the white inventory sections. They will need to know when the dining room sets need to be ready for delivery. Are the typical assemble and manufacturing crews sufficient to complete the order in a timely manner? Once these questions are answered the project manager can calculated how long the job will take by determining the critical path. In Operations Management Stevenson (2010) said the critical path is,