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Challenge for Children Winter Gala
BUS 665 – Strategic Marketing Management
October 21, 2014

BBCR Marketing Consulting Group, LLC has been retained by United Way Inland Empire to implement a strategy to increase exposure, attendance and sponsorships for its Challenge For Children Winter Gala. The following details our SWOT Analysis, marketing plan and strategy on how we will achieve the aforementioned goals.
Situational Analysis
Company Analysis The Inland Empire United Way is committed to leveling the playing field for the disadvantaged youth in the Inland Empire by inspiring the community to invest in this goal by volunteerism, donations and advocacy. It has a diverse offering of programs and services, but for the purposes of this proposal, we will focus on the Challenge for Children event held annually in Ontario, CA. The purpose of Challenge for Children is multi-pronged, as donation dollars are used to obtain educational resources, feed, cloth and provide financial support to disadvantaged children. The success of the program relies heavily on corporate sponsorships (Inland Empire United Way, 2014).
The United Way is facing somewhat of a crisis in terms of its attendance and sponsorship pledge amounts for the Challenge for Children Event. Money earned from the sale of tickets to the event and pledged dollars barely cover the overhead cost of putting on the event. At this time, the elephant in the room is the question of whether the expense of holding such event is even worth the small amount earned on the event.
Irrespective of the challenges it faces with this event, The Inland Empire United Way is focused on continuing and growing the event. Currently, it relies heavily on word of mouth from its sponsors, its company website and a Facebook Page with 1,200 likes that does not generate a lot of views. With a company as socially responsible and diverse as the Inland Empire United Way, there are plenty of opportunities to improve upon the company as it relates to this event. We have identified these opportunities for improvement during our company analysis below:
Branding - has been identified as a major issue with the Inland Empire United Way Challenge for Children. The Inland Empire United Way symbol is not easily identifiable without the name emblazoned next to it. Displaying the symbol prominently on it’s own website, corporate sponsor websites, kids packs, bags and fundraising bracelets would assist in properly branding the company/event.
Value Proposition - there is not a clearly defined value proposition for the event. The issue is such that there is nothing in particular that stands out about the event or cause that would compel someone to donate to it over a similar cause provided by the competition. We will create an emotional and socially conscious connection to the event for the sponsors.
Advertising/Marketing – advertising for the event is dismal at best and there is plenty of room to expand on it with minimal cost, such as stepping up the social media presence.
Competitive Market Analysis We have identified the top three main competitors to the Inland Empire United Way as the American Heart Association, The American Lung Association and the American Red Cross. However, in terms of services provided, the closest competitor is the American Red Cross. The American Red Cross is positioned as the number 1 humanitarian aid and disaster preparedness organization in the world, providing disaster relief to anyone in need. Their marketing strategy includes multichannel marketing, specifically with an emphasis on technology (e.g. social media, mobile apps, etc).
American Heart Association
Branded; distinct Value Proposition; Name Recognition; Advertise/Market through various mediums; Multiple FUN events held to raise funds such as hoops for hope, and heart walk; focused on one cause; targets corporations & individuals donors
-Focused on one cause;