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Employment Advertisement
Elizabeth Kleine
BUS670: Legal Environment
Dr. Peter McCann
May 20, 2013

EMPLOYMENT ADVERTISEMENT As part of the human resources department, one of the main responsibilities is to write job advertisements and have active job descriptions for each and every position within the company. Below is the latest job advertisement for a full-time administrative assistant for the human resources department. Most of the job description is listed in the advertisement.
Available immediately Human Resources Administrative Assistant position
RGB, an international metal manufacturer and supplier located near FM 1960 and Aldine-Westfield Road in Houston, Texas is seeking a human resource administrative assistant for our busy and growing human resources department. This person will be the right hand to the Human Resources Manager and will support our mission statement.
RGB’s Human Resource Department Mission Statement The RGB Human Resource Department believes in our most valuable asset, our employees. Our mission is to advance the overall mission of RGB through acquisition, retention and support of our exceptional staff. We achieve this by recruiting, employing, retaining, and developing staff by maximizing excellent employee relations, personal and group performance through internal consulting, problem resolution and providing efficient, customer-responsive human resource services
The purpose of this position is to support the human resources manager by assisting with implementation of human resources systems, procedures, policies and administer human resources related functions and projects.
The duties of this position include: * Prescreening and testing applicants * Notifying existing staff of internal opportunities * Maintaining personnel and benefit records * Assisting employees with form applications for benefits including medical, dental, vision and life insurances * Assisting with H-1B visa postings and status of foreign employees, including students * Providing new employees with orientation packets and handbooks; reviewing company policies with new employees including benefits; enrolling employees in benefit programs * Maintains human resources records by recording new hires, transfers, terminations, changes in classifications, pay changes; tracking vacation, sick, leave and personal time * Notifies medical, dental, vision and life carriers of employee status changes for carriers to track COBRA notifications * Completing forms, reports, records and logs to ensure compliance with various agencies, including OSHA and EEO reporting
* 1-2 years’ experience working in busy human resources department * Proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint * Experience with HRIS systems * Ability to work in team environment * High level of confidentiality * Bi-lingual preferred (English/Spanish)
Our generous benefit package includes * * Bonuses * Paid Holidays * Paid Vacation * Paid Sick time * Paid Personal time * Medical * Dental * Vision * Company-Paid Life Insurance * Long Term Disability * Short Term Disability * * Supplement Insurance * 401(k) * Generous Employer 401(k) Match

Qualified candidates can email resumes’ directly to HR@RGB.com and list in subject line “HR Admin Assist”. Phone calls will not be accepted.
INTERVIEW QUESTIONS Federal and state laws prohibit employers asking certain questions (Sequist, 2012). Questions asked during an interview should be those pertaining to the job and not any of a personal nature. “Employment and labor regulations protect workers interviewing for a new job as well as once they become employed. Equal opportunity laws such as Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Americans with Disabilities Act make it illegal for employers to ask questions regarding