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bus 815

Group Assignment Part 1

Your task is to write a short description of how each frame would conceptualise employee motivation. Write a quote about “employee motivation” by fictional managers representing each frame in turn. Then explain how/why the quote is linked to its frame. The quote should be short and concise, only one or a few sentences.

Student Name | Student ID | Shaolong Zhang | 42385601 | Ying Xu | 42966833 | Leung Ka Shing Lambert | 41847318 | Luyu Suo | 42946514 |

Lambert is a new IT manager, who is responsible to manage the programming team and QA team, in an IT solution firm. Somehow, programming team works over-time everyday because they have to do the extra work from the QA team. Now Ivy, a senior programmer, is going to Lambert’s office to complain about the unfair working arrangement. The following will be how Lambert to solve the conflict and motivate the employees in Bolman and Deal’s four frames.

Structural Framework
Specificity and clear roles is one of the core concepts of exclusive structural frame. In this case, it can be seen that programming team is doing extra work for QA team; therefore the former team does not clarify its role in the firm. As a consequence, it affects the work performance and lowers the employee motivation. In order to correct this structure, manager should help programming team to understand its major role in this firm. Then, manager should also allocate work more efficient and push back the extra testing work to QA team.

Human Resource Framework
Human resource framework is more about needs, skills and relationships. Manager is essential in employee allocating and resource distributing to balance the needs in different departments. In this case, programming department is doing extra work while QA department is working inefficiently. In order to effectively maximize human resource, manger would allocate more staff for first department and reduce the number of staff in second one. Manger should also listen to programming department and try fulfilling their needs, at the same time encourage them by providing monetary reward such as 10% increase in theirs salary.
Political Framework
Political Framework is to more recognize on the constituencies and coalition. First, manager can persuade employee to focus on their work more and management has been aware on this situation already. Here is to…