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Q1) Please design a legally defensible selection process for BBI that would maximize solid hires i.e. high performing employees and ensure greater success in retaining engineers? Justify your design.
Brown and Brown Inc. is not in good shape. After analyzing BBI's human resource (HR) practices there is no surprise that they are experiencing difficulties with recruitment and retention. Their struggles were made evident to management when the firm experienced a turnover rate of 25% last year.
BBI's current selection process is only based on one unplanned conversation conducted by James Brown the president of BBI. There are various problems with conducting unplanned unstructured interviews. First those interviews are Disorganised, where the interviewer is half-depending on the interviewee to provide the interview with a purpose and a direction. Unplanned interviews are also unfocused. Without a pre-defined purpose, interviewers usually do not know what questions to ask or what areas to examine. The attention of the interviewees wanders and they quickly become bored while waiting for their interviewers to think up the questions. The time spent in the unplanned interview is often far out of proportion to its results. What starts as a brief interview on a subject of relative unimportance turns into a long, tedious discussion because the interviewer is trying desperately to find a single topic on which to concentrate. When interviewers go into an interview unprepared there is the danger that they will lose control and whatever purpose the interview may have had will also be lost. With prepared interviews interviewers anticipate problems that might arise and so are ready to deal with them calmly and objectively without any emotional judgments.

In order for BBI to have a strong selection process that would maximize solid hires and ensure greater success. We need to identify the needs of the organization as they relate to current and future labour demands. Accomplishing this task requires the ability to identify the various jobs and roles needed within the organization to meet current and future goals related to production and growth. Once Identified, clear and concise job descriptions and duties must be established to ensure that recruitment remains streamlined and aimed at efficient recruitment and hiring. Next is preparing the Selection Criteria; getting to know about the background of the candidates, by having a list of selection criteria helps ensure that the hiring decision is made. And then based on the basis of the objectives and criteria that are applied consistently and fairly to all candidates, James Brown will be able to get the right candidate. Basically, the selection criteria helps interviewers focus on what they should be looking for in the candidates and for them to assess the various candidates interviewed to select the one who best meets the job requirements based on his/her ability and qualification. When selecting the selection criteria BBI must Identify requirements based on job description , job specification and attributes. Identify the key personality traits which are important to the success of the job. Establish a list of selection criteria through behaviour-based Interview Questions. Other important parts of the selection process include conducting any necessary aptitude tests and conducting a thorough reference checks to ensure the employee meets the basic qualifications of both the position and the company.

The selection process for BBI will start with
1- Interviews: The key to making interviews a success is in asking the right questions, keeping the process consistent across all applicants and remaining impartial throughout the process. James Brown will continue to conduct the interviews however it will be well structured before hand to ensure consistency and accuracy.
2- Skills Testing: particularly useful for positions which require a level of competency in any specific software programs,…