Bus Intelligence Essay

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1) Data mining is a way for companies to develop business intelligence from their data to gain a better understanding of their customers and operations and to solve complex organizational problems.
Answer: TRUE
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2) Data mining is a prime candidate for better management of companies that are data-rich, but knowledge-poor.
Answer: TRUE
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3) Business analytics cannot be conducted in real time because it includes components such as metrics and reengineering tools.
Answer: FALSE
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4) Technically speaking, data mining is a process that uses statistical, mathematical, and artificial intelligence techniques to extract and identify useful information and
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These data are then used to develop models to extrapolate the future values of the same phenomenon.
Answer: time-series
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51) ________ data mining begins with a proposition by the user, who then seeks to validate the truthfulness of the proposition
Answer: Hypothesis-driven
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52) ________ data mining finds patterns, associations, and other relationships hidden within datasets. It can uncover facts that an organization had not previously known or contemplated.
Answer: Discovery-driven
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53) ________ data, also known as categorical data, contains both nominal and ordinal data.
Answer: Qualitative
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54) ________ data can be readily represented by some sort of probability distribution.
Answer: Quantitative
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55) The model's ability to make reasonably accurate predictions, given noisy data or data with missing and erroneous values, is called ________.
Answer: robustness
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56) With ________, a fixed number of instances from the original data is sampled (with replacement) for training and the rest of the dataset is used for testing. This process is repeated as many times as desired.
Answer: bootstrapping
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57) The ________ index has been used in economics to measure the diversity of a population. The same concept can be used to determine the purity of a