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The course outline- we learned that the email at the top of the course outline is automatically forwarded to Profs. Cell phone. Best way to get ahold of the Prof. is Email. He said if we need to set up a phone chat appointment to do it ahead of time. Class dates, is jan-7/ feb 2nd. We learned that we absolutely need the text book. I currently do not have the text book yet I will order it today. This class is going to be more difficult than any of the courses that I have taken before. We then covered the standards and polices, of the course and of National University. We then covered the expectations, of the missed live chat summaries.
We learned what the expectations of the discussion board topics- it is maximum of 500 words. All the discussions are due Saturday by 11:59 pm. Prof. is looking for our thoughts, opinions and facts not anyone else’s.
Criteria for the threaded discussions- are 10 points apiece, looking for writing errors, grammar issues, respond to other students posts. Total points for all discussion boards are 40 points. Use different thoughts and concepts when responding to peers. We learned to answer one of the posts and respond to the peer’s response.
Bread and butter of the course the practical assignments- number 19 Harley Davidson, and or case study # 22 voice. Very strict timeline, because the course has been shoved into one month instead of 2 months. There are many examples that can be used in document sharing on the eras and the strategic audits. Stay within the time of the case- 2008 and before for both the Harley Davidson and Volvo case.
Exam- is due no later than 11:59 on Saturday of the 4th week of class it is 90 multiple questions. Worth 90 points.
We then moved on to chapter 1- strategic management have a road map and have a plan to use a strategic plan.
Phases of strategic management-
Phase 1- basic financial planning
Phase2- forecast based planning
Phase 3- externally oriented planning
Phase 4- strategic management.
Benefits of strategic management
Clearer vision, sharper focus, improved