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Ke Chen, Linzhou Li, Yang Lu.

Discussion1: We will not directly fire him.
Our value statement is to offer the best dining environment and best service to our valuable customers. The complaints we received are all from customers and co-workers will negatively affecting our business and working environment. Because one of our most important value statement is offering the best service to customers, the negative effects he has brought will lead to grave consequences. This will cause customer churn because customers will think our company are dishonest due to the service they experience with what they expect is different. So according to the above reason and due to he is a long time and most productive employee in our company, we will give him another chance if he can change in the coming days. If he still can’t handle his own problem and we can’t see any improvement within his behaviors in the following week, then that is his responsibility and we will fire him.


As we stated in the value statement, we want to serve the best vegetarian food. Those “good enough” ingredients shall never be used in our business. In this scenario, we would actually ignore that we can get a cheaper bid and help Youngstown. The quality of materials directly affects our food and we serve only the best food. Price is not the concern in our business. To follow our mission statement and value statement, we will keep using the products from the American company