Essay on Bus604 Entrepreneurship

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Lisa D. Hill
BUS604 New Business Venture Management
Prof. Matasha Murrell-Jones
June 17, 2013

Entrepreneurship Entrepreneurs have a knack for finding value in places where others do not think to look. They can evaluate value propositions quickly to determine which options should be pursued and which should be dumped. Value destruction is avoided like the plague because value creation is the primary goal (Myler, 2012). It is for certain that when starting a business, there will be many times when obstacles and circumstances will make an individual feel as though his or her only option is to give in, give up, and give out, but the key is to never surrender to such temptations. It takes the tenacity of succeeding or die trying so to speak in order to continue analyzing and adjusting until one finds the right fit for the business (Myler, 2012). Comfort Level With Risks Concerning comfort level with risks, I am willing to do whatever is necessary in order to make the business succeed. Whatever necessary will only include actions, behaviors, and conduct of moral values, and integrity. The level of risk will include being willing to work long hours with few vacations and irregular time off in order to achieve set goals for the business, and preparing to place business needs before the needs of my family within balance. Within balance means not to put business needs solely before those of my family. Why, because I think to be independent and in control of your work is a part of being able to handle and manage all responsibilities of the family as well as the business. This is a part of taking full responsibility for any and all mistakes without looking for others to blame. The key is learning to adjust and readjust throughout the process of the entire life of the business in order to maintain balance and success in both the business and the home. With this being said, I am willing to take a fair amount of risk in hopes of achieving a successful business. In order to be able to take these risks, self discipline is required. I am confident that I have a high degree of self discipline as well as the ability to apply myself to a job that needs to be done even when I don't feel like doing it. Having a business mentality means knowing and understanding that the greatest benefit for the business may very well be the very thing I may not want to do. My greatest level of self-discipline is achieved when I do the very thing that I least desire to do.
What do you value, what are your priorities, what motivates you? What I value most is my relationship with God. Putting him first in everything I do will surely lead, guide, and direct the order of my steps; giving me the ability to extend grace under pressure, produce excellent problem solving skills in a crisis, be persistent in a course I believe in whether others agree or disagree, and receive promptly the strength required to build myself up and move forward to face my greatest challenges. It is when things go wrong that I petition and depend upon God the most. When I depend on him, he becomes my greatest strength in all of my weaknesses. It is by his word that I set my priorities, and it is by his spirit that I am motivated the most. It is by his gifts placed within me that I'm able to lead others in a very confusing, disruptive, and chaotic environment. It is alone that I can do nothing, but with him all things become possible. Creating a business to fulfill a need will always produce a mission that will make others value their work, and enjoy what they do; giving them the freedom to create projects and present new ideas using their own uniqueness and creative ability. It is indeed more important to accomplish something worthwhile other than money. For me, putting God first means everything else will follow.
What have been your business experiences? My business experiences have been creating and promoting my own virtual business using my