BUS610 Week 1 Assignment Essay

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Organizational Culture Analysis
Mia A. Rapier
BUS 610: Organizational Behavior
Dr. Anthony Trotta
September 14, 2014

The purpose of this paper is to examine the various aspects of organizational culture analysis including observable facts, espoused valued and enacted values. To make the examination of culture analysis more relatable we will examine the fitness and wellness company RAPIER Conditioning, the author’s entrepreneurial endeavor since 2008, to highlight how each of the components of organizational culture analysis can be applied to a company and individuals. Distinguishing culture within an organization is vital for different reasons, “Given enough time and money… competitors can duplicate almost everything you’ve got working for you. They can hire away some of your best people. They can reverse engineer your processes. The only thing they can’t duplicate is your culture” (Bradt, 2012). By establishing and practicing effective and definable organizational culture can help set one business apart from another company with similar offerings. RAPIER Conditioning is a fitness and wellness company that specializes in personal training, group exercise instruction, and wellness lectures. This small business was founded by a former collegiate track and field sprinter with a passion for fitness and a yearning for continued knowledge in the healthcare industry. The company does not have a formal mission statement but the culture of the business lies in their approach to clients; one-part fitness enthusiast, one-part empathetic supporter, and one part-business frontrunner. The fitness enthusiast is evident in the manner in which clients are trained, either one-on-one or in group settings. The high energy level, attention to detail, extensive knowledge of kinesiology, strength and conditioning, and general training, coupled with their overall admiration for the fitness industry is evident in the training approach. The empathetic supporter comes in the form of a baseline understanding with clientele; all RAPIER Conditioning trainers have personally experienced having their own personal trainer thus, allowing them to a) better train others based on personal experience while also b) putting themselves in the proverbial shoes of their clients to offer the necessary support et cetera. Finally, serving as a business frontrunner denotes having the necessary academic and industry credentials to engage in a successful fitness operation. The owner of RAPIER Conditioning holds several high-ranking and specialized certifications within the fitness and wellness industry, along with two bachelor’s degrees in sports medicine and health and wellness, with a master’s degree in business forthcoming. In addition, all RAPIER Conditioning staff are required to hold valid certifications and be licensed and insured. Observable artifacts “include the physical signs of an organization's dominant culture… Other expressions of observable culture include displays of awards such as "employee of the month," specially designated parking spaces, the manner of dress exhibited by employees, and company ceremonies” (Baack, 2012). The observable artifacts associated with RAPIER Conditioning include the shirts trainers wear when interacting with clients, these shirts are emblazoned with the company logo. Also, the quarterly trainer performance awards which designate the trainers who completed the most training sessions and/or instructed the most group exercise classes. The espoused values of