Busi 1475 Course Guide 2011-12 Essay

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Course Study Guide

Contemporary Issues in Management


1. Welcome 3 2. Introduction to the Course 4 2.1 Aims 4 2.2 Learning Outcomes 4 2.2.1 Knowledge and understanding of: 4 2.2.2 Intellectual Skills: 4 2.2.3 Subject practical skills: 4 2.2.4 Transferable skills: 4 2.3 Learning and teaching activities 4 3. Contact Details 5 4. Course Content 6 4.1 Session Reading 7 5. Assessment Details 8 5.1 Summary of assessment 8 5.2 Detailed description of assessment 8 6. Other Details 9

1. Welcome

‘Though this be madness, yet there is method in’t.’
Shakespeare, Hamlet, Act II, Scene II

It is a well-worn cliché that the only certainty in these interesting times is
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The integrated seminar periods will provide a space for analysis and discussion where stimulus material such as articles, group exercises, activities and videos will help you develop your understanding of work and organization.

For each session, teaching materials will be posted on the virtual learning environment (Web-CT) well in advance of the session. You will then be able to download these materials (e.g. lecture notes, slides, seminar activities) and prepare for the respective session when comes. It is due to this policy that we limit the number of ‘hand-outs’ issued in class.

The importance of private study and reading cannot be understated. Although the course team can be regarded as ‘teachers’, we prefer to operate in more of a facilitating role for your learning. As adult learners, your studies on this course will be more rewarding if you take responsibility for your own learning, making sure that you attend as much as possible, arriving on time and that you undertake plenty of reading in your own time. If you are to gain maximum benefit from this course, it is extremely important that you prepare for these sessions. Learning materials for the seminars will normally be distributed in advance. It is therefore up to you to read-up on the topic and prepare your thoughts before attending each week. You will also find it useful to keep up to date with current affairs; there is usually always a story with management significance in the news