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Business 560 Worldview Questions" .
To what extent should personal religious beliefs impact our decisions about business ethics?

My personal view on how much impact should my believes influence my business, or whatever decision I make is that it should be fully Involved. My decisions that I make should constantly reflect in what I claim to believe in.

To what extent do your personal religious (or non-religious) beliefs about life impact your sense of business ethics and personal decision-making? Again my personal view about my beliefs in life should be fully involve to where it is the foundation of business ethics, and decision making. Those things need to reflect in what I claim to believe in. 2. Does
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Now does this mean that God's word need to be a beacon for culture to do what's right, because their has been cultures from the past that's taken God's word out of context. An example are the Christian crusades that persecuted the Jews for crucifying Jesus, so I believe that a person's freewill determines whether or not society can have these things. This does not mean culture will have this perfectly, but it is whole lot closer in free will cultures.

Questions from article, "Adding The Framework" 7. Have your answers to any of the last questions changed after reading Article 2? No because having freewill bring cultures the possibilities of having truth, love, and justice. For cultures to have this their foundation must have an understanding of freewill, and one of the words for that is liberty. That's the reason why the United States has been a great country for over 200 years in that our founding fathers understood what it meant to have freewill, and where it came from. This was great for all comers that came to this country, cause they were able to express themselves throughout the framework without persecution unless their choices resulted in taking the lives of others, their private property, or anything that violates their freewill. 8. From our foundation of freewill allow our countries framework reflect that, but as our country got older its citziens forgot the meaning of freewill to