Opening A Day Care Center In The State Of Louisiana

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Mignon Alexander
Opening a Class A Day Care Center in the State of Louisiana
Rasmussen Collage

Business Law Section 5
Instructor: Karen Innisss

Upon opening a day care center in the state of Louisiana, you must first decide what type of center you are going to open. There are different grades of centers; example, Class A. Class B or Class R. In 2010, I set out to open a Class A day care center. The first step is to find a location. Once you have secured a destination, the process began with a checklist that needs to be fulfilled. Fill out an application to the Department of Social Services, alone with a twenty-five dollars money order. Once you have completed the for following steps, you should contact the Department of Social Services to schedule an appointment, so that someone can come out inspect and give you the license to open for business. The first thing you would need to do is contact the city and state Fire Marshalls, Department of Health and Hospital, next obtain an occupational license from city hall. Once you contact the city and state, Fire Marshall, they will instruct you to make sure you have your fire alarm system installed alone with architect floor plan of the entire facility. You will need to mail in a money order in the amount of thirty-five dollars for the city and they will in return call you; with a date to come out and inspect and grant you approval. Next, you will contact that the Department of Health & Hospital, they will email you a list of the things that need to be completed. Task such as, a three compartment sink, hand sink, mop sink, grease trap, thermometers in the refrigerator, test kit for water temperature, and safe outside play equipment. You can than give them a call once you have completed these steps for someone to come out and inspect and a fee of fifty-dollars. They will at that time give you a permit of approval. Thereafter, you will contact the state Fire Marshall to come out and inspect. They will come out and does a walk through you will then have to pay a fee of fifty- dollars before an approval is released. Once you have been approved by all three of those departments, you need to review the and have in place all proper paper work, i.e. business insurance, cleared background check, approved