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Written Assignment for the Final – Due any time before the scheduled final There will be no extensions; start now if you like. The choices are yours. BUSINESS DECISIONS AND ETHICAL CONSIDERATION IN THE MOVIES The paper must meet the following criteria and contain the following contents. I don’t want a movie review. I want something that is thoughtful and reflects on what you learned in this class. Be concise; in business you will be required to report periodically. The boss will need sufficient information to evaluate your decision or recommendation, but is not interested in a lot of blah blah blah. Checklist of what must be included: Movie: Title; Approximate year screened; Approximate year and place of moving setting. Character: Name and Position. She must be a business person whose decisions are the subject of business ethics and the ethical decision process you write about. The character chosen must be the business person making the decisions. Conflict: Describe the conflict. Tell why it exists. Tell me what the character decides in the movie and why. Legality/Morality: State if there are criminal, legal and/or moral misconduct. What laws or principals were violated or threatened? Circumstance: Describe concisely the significant facts and circumstances. Decision: Make a decision on the conflict. YOUR decision, considerations and reasoning must be expressed. Compare and contrast your decision to that of the character. Relate it to the course. Show me what you learned that applies to the character and circumstance. Suggestions: Margin Call, Atlas Shrugged, Erin Brokovich – the choice is yours. General considerations: This is not a movie review or book report. The movie is just the framework around your character.
Feel free to talk about it, but do you own work; express your opinion.
I will check suspect key word and phrases.
Be concise – This is a business course. Make it business-like. Don’t ramble; don’t repeat.
This must be YOUR decision. Not the character’s.
Compare and contrast; If she was right, why do you agree; what did you take into consideration.
Don’t presume I know the movie; give me enough information to evaluate.

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Movie: The Truman Show Released 1998 Took place in the 90’s at a fictional location

Character: Christof; He is the executive of a television network that created a fictional world in where he records and broadcasts one man’s life for the entire nation to watch. Truman Burbank, played by Jim Carrey, is the man whose life is being taped.

Conflict: In this film, like mentioned before, Christof built an entire world which was five miles by five miles in diameter that he would use in order to record an entire man’s life. From going to school to using the restroom, Truman had been the subject to hidden cameras, along with hired and trained actors all around him that made him feel like this was how the world really was. The conflict was not only that Christof taped this man’s entire life but he also broadcasted it on television to be watched and analyzed by an audience all over the nation. Truman was not allowed to leave the “Bubble World” for any reason and was tricked into thinking that was the only place anyone lived. He had friends, teachers, and even parents that were just actors for the show that he was the star of.

Legality/Morality: There are multiple unethical and illegal actions that took place in this movie. The most obvious law violated was Truman’s right to privacy. He never agreed or gave consent to allow his life to be broadcasted to an audience. He was never told about what was happening therefore in the grand scheme of everything his entire life was a lie. Also legally Christof violated the law of false imprisonment. He “caged” up Truman in a bubble where he was forced at a young age to stay in or there would have been severe consequences. No one outside of