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How can casting up shop benefit a business and individual?

Administration it is my best way to understand casting up. As an individual and a company it is one of the keys for success, we cannot spent more money than we have, and sometimes depending on the necessities that we have and how we spend the money, giving priority to the things that we need and not to the things that we want.
Good administration of funds and resources benefits us economically in many ways, mainly because our livelihood depends on how well we do it. For example I remember that my mom would always want to buy things that we didn’t need, she owed money for everything, the clothes that we wore because she wanted us to wear the best and always wear new clothes, thanks to that I learned to never buy something if I didn’t have the money to pay for it. I learned to have money in my saving account and not spend it on frivolous things. My mom is now 64 years old and she doesn’t have a house of her own, she had three and sold them to buy things, she was never happy with what she had, all the time she want the best of everything, that is why she doesn’t have anything, every peso that she had and all the opportunities that my dad gave her to be someone important and to be self-sufficient, she threw it all away. He gave her money to open a business but the business went into bankruptcy because of bad administration. That is why it is so important to know how to administrate our lives and a company Six Principles of good administration:
It is urging public services & Government to:
· get it right
· be customer focused, and
· be open & accountable The other 3 principles are:
· acting fairly & proportionately
· putting things right when they have gone wrong, and
· seeking continuous improvement (Abraham, sourceuk)

A company is connected to that because if you want to be successful you have to adapt to what you have and be patient with the businesses money. You aren’t going to get all the invested money back immediately, and then go and spend everything. “These secrets can help