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Critical Thinking
1. When asked about her present job, robin stated that she did not work at the present time. She did not explain her work experiences during the past year.
Well, when they ask you a question stating in what was her present job she should have had said that she was working with two organizations and quit so she could work for a healthy-related facility.
2. When asked about her college experiences, robin said that she made good grades but did not do anything outside of her classes. She should have said that she was an A student and that she really didn’t have any company during her school years and that she had tried different job positions and agencies.
3. When asked about her strengths, robin said that she was a capable employee, but she had much to learn. If I was in her position I would have said that I am a great employee and I always have confidence in what I do and my past mangers would always say that I am a great worker.
When she was asked by the interviewers if she had any questions, she replied No. Mostly people who want the interviewer to consider them for the position, she should ask questions like, “remember when you asked me that there are going to be stressful assignments and a lot of deadlines, how would it be if I work in the 3 months
4. Robin was very nervous during each interview, Be prepared and also know what questions you want to ask before the interview and go over answers to questions you may face. Also, learn as much