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Brady Moranville
Business 101
Mr. Sturge


For over 200 years now the Democratic Party has been fighting for the right to build a steady foundation for the United States of America. Brock Obama is the current president and has been working night and day to improve issues and make America a better place to live. The Democratic Party is very involved with the community and listening to what they have to say. The Democratic Party is looking to build a government that will last for generations to come, this is why they have been working so vigorously to create new jobs, fix the health care system and also rebuild the economy brick by brick.

Republicans shut down the government to derail Obama care why?

In March 2010 president Obama promised Americans a well oiled and functioning health care system called Obama care. The Affordable care act has already been set in motion and is stopping major insurance companies from denying citizen with pre existing issues. The Affordable care act has also began tax cuts for small businesses to reduce employee cost and provide healthcare for everyone on the job. This new system will also eliminate healthcare fraud allowing the government to cut the health care price in half, moreover; bringing security and stability for generations to come.
What is the Democratic Party doing about unemployment and the downfall of our economy?

Obama was sworn into a stare of kayos and has been working nonstop to create a stabile economy, by making a series of carefully placed investments. Democrats have cut ninety five percent of working family’s taxes providing help for small businesses and home owners all around the United States. Despite republican views Democrats have provided relief for hard working Americans. Getting rid of certain tax loop holes Democrats have put a stop to big corporations hiding money overseas instead they invested it is small businesses to create more jobs and a healthier economy. Democrats have given tax credit to those who manufacture windmills, solar panels and electric cars to create a cleaner more efficient way of life. Putting Americans to work rebuilding this nation from the foundation up is the only way to create a more efficient economy and a surplus of jobs for the American people.
How are the democrats trying to put a stop to illegal immigrants?

The Obama administration has dedicated countless man hours and resources to secure and reduce the flow of illegal trafficking in and out of America. By giving law enforcement the tools they need, they are able to strengthen our borders and keep the